Welcome to Shefford Band

History of the Band

Shefford Town Band was first established at the end of the 19th century. During the 1930's the Band consisted of all males aged between 20-30 years of age. They came form Shefford, Clifton, Gravenhurst and Clophill. The Band members, as in the present band, were mainly families.

Practises were held in the St. Michaels Church Hall on Friday Nights around a coal fire which was lit as early as 5pm by the Band Conductor, Mr. Woodcroft and his grandchildren. The band would play around the War Memorial on Saturday evenings as late night shopping was in operation during the 1930's.

On Christmas Morning the band would play in Shefford Town Centre circled around the Band Conductor. In 1957 the band ceased to exist. After a break of 30 years, in 1987, twelve local musicians restarted the band with the help of the Shefford Town Council. Since 1988 it has been under the musical direction of Victor Parker, playing at numerous functions in the area, particularly in the summer months and at Christmas.